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Currency Exchange

Offer currency exchange the way you want, use your own branding and set your own rates to maximise profit margins.

Many banks are requiring independent foreign currency retailers to implement comprehensive anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring. This is expensive and beyond the means of many small and medium sized businesses who as a result are having to withdraw this service.

How we can help

As a bank approved supplier of foreign currency we can appoint you as our Agent meaning you will still be able to provide foreign currency to your customers using our AML compliant product. CEL has been reviewed by HMRC and meets all the MSB AML regulations. We can offer you our foreign currency service using our fully supported systems and software providing you with all regulatory support to comply with AML requirements.

What this means for you

You'll continue to decide your own prices, set your own margins, have full control of your own stock and still use your own branding while taking advantage of our preferential rates and free software.

So if your bank has told you that you can't offer foreign currency anymore, contact us!

What our product allows you to do:

  • No bond required - you own the stock
  • Set your own price - this allows you to base your prices on local competition and stay in control of your own margins
  • Maintain control of your own stock
  • Use your own branding
  • Use your own till system
  • Get cash fast - we offer a next day delivery service.

What we provide - AML compliance:

  • We provide software solutions for ordering and transaction data
  • ID requirements are system driven
  • ID scanning
  • Real time HM Treasury Sanctions checks
  • Previous customer look up
  • Transaction calculators
  • If you have your own software and want to continue using this - call 0800 195 9530 to discuss this further.


Order your currency from us (at a preferential rate).


Next day delivery with a secure carrier (order before 12 noon).


You set your customer facing rate.


Use CEL's easy to use software free of charge.

If you would like more information, or to apply to become an Agent with Cheque Exchange click the button below.